Is it mandatory to get a High Security Registration Plate fitted to my vehicle?

Yes, as per the provisions of the CMVR 1989 Rule 50, it is mandatory to have HSRP on all vehicles.

Following is the Class of Vehicle

Sl No. Vehicles Class Alpha Numeric Colour Background Colour
1 Non-Transport Vehicles Black White
2 Transport Vehicle Black Yellow
3 Transport Vehicle under rent-a-cab Yellow Black
4 Transport Vehicle under rent-a-cab (Battery Operated) Black Green
5 Battery Operated Vehicle Non-Transport White Green
6 Battery Operated Vehicle Transport Yellow Green

Colour Coded Third Registration Plate is a self-destructive chromium based hologram sticker which is to be affixed on the inner side of left hand corner of windscreen of the vehicle.

Bharat Stage Vehicles. Fuel Type Sticker Background Colour
BS III and IV Petrol & CNG Vehicles Light Blue
BS III and IV Diesel Vehicles Orange
BS III and IV Other Vehicles Grey
BS VI Petrol & CNG Vehicles Light Blue with Green Strip
BS VI Diesel Vehicles Orange with Green Strip
BS VI Other Vehicles Grey with Green Strip

The Third Registration Plate colour coded sticker bears following details

  1. Name of the Registering Authority
  2. Registration Number of the Vehicle
  3. Laser Branded Permanent Identification Number; and
  4. Date of First Registration of the vehicle.

Yes, you can book for ONLY STICKER, in case you have installed the HSRP on your vehicle, you have to select ONLY STICKER option and provide the unique Laser codes printed on the left hand side bottom of front and Rear HSRP Plate installed on the vehicle.

Not required.

To provide update on Cash Receipt, HSRP at Dealer point, and OTP affixation updates A mechanism has been created wherein SMS and Mail updates are being shared from time to time related to your order It must be ensured that correct mobile no be provided.