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We shall be providing services that are related to HSRP We are a third-party organization who levy service charges. In case of any extra services given by our organization we might charge surplus for these extra services applied.

We are India’s Online Services which is supposedly the best B2B service providers in India. We are a highly committed organization and believe in providing perfect services to our customers. We believe that our customer’s requirements are of utmost important and we are committed to solve them as quickly as possible, without disturbing our customers: and we least negotiation possible.

This site is privately owned and is neither operated by, nor affiliated with, any government agency. This organization is one of India’s best platform that provide private services that assist our customers in making process of online services. Our sole aim is to provide our clients with reliable, premium and finest online services in India. For the online services that we process, our organization makes sure that proper methodical and strategic thinking is applied. We cater each and every single customer and aspire to provide smooth and un-interrupting services on their behalf. Our Organization supports our customers with dedication, complete efforts, and proper practical approach to each of the online services. We are a private consultancy provider and for the same reason we tend to charge additional amounts that includes Government fees, charges for consultation, GST and Taxes and Internet Handling fees. We are the only Consultancy Department of a private firm providing consultancy services with the honest intention to provide our customers to process their application.

In our Consultancy, we provide service for your application that includes

  1. To process the application that our clients have registered in the Government Portal.
  2. To file the complaint that has been given to us by our customers and book an appointment at an office nearest to the location of our client/customers/
  3. To guide our customers/clients with the requirements of proper documents that will be needed will the complaint has been registered and the appointment has been booked.
  4. To try our best to reschedule the appointment of pour customers if they are unable to reach the Passport Offices due to unavoidable or unprecedented circumstances.

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Nature of this website

The bookyourhsrp.org is a private entity and is not a direct/indirect associate or affiliate of any government body or authority. This site offers information to members who need support in applying for HSRP. We collect only as much personal information necessary to carry out our purposes and only as permitted by law. We use personal information for purposes consistent with the purposes for which it was collected, and otherwise as allowed.

Some of the purposes are as below:

  • To verify your identity.
  • To respond to your inquiries.
  • To provide driver licensing and vehicle registration products and services, along with meeting

our photo identification and safety mandate.


We protect the payment information very seriously and maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your information from unauthorized access. We receive your payment into our account and then pay it to its official site for the further procedure from our side/third party. The charges are higher than its official website to make everything easier for you. Payment for the services has to be made in advance as per the directions provided by the site. All services will commensurate only on receipt of the full payment and confirmation sent by the company thereof.

Refund Policy

Our refund policies are seamless. The applicant is entitled to get a full refund in case of cancellation before we apply on the official website. However, a partial refund will be processed in case of cancellation post-application on the official website.

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