Book My HSRP

Note: If you already have high security number place only then you can go with only color sticker option. Fron laser code and Rear laser code are mentioned on your high security number plate.
Maximum image size 1MB is allowed.


  • The Plate shall be a solid unit made of aluminum conforming to AIX 159:2019 or ISO:7591
  • Laminated with Reflective sheeting having IND inbuilt IND
  • Chromium Based ‘Chakra’ design Hologram shall be applied by Hot stamping.
  • The Plate should have permanent identification number of minimum Ten Digits laser branded, preceded by two alphabets into the reflective sheeting on the bottom left-hand side of the registration plate.
  • The HSRP shall be Embossed with Alpha numerals borders and characters should be hot stamped using a Black Foil bearing ‘INDIA’ Security inscription.
  • A Third registration plate in form of a sticker that shall be pasted on the wind shield of the vehicle.
  • Affixation with non-removable, non-reusable Snap Locks.



  1. Standardization of Registration Plates Across the Nation.
  2. Curb thefts of vehicles and vehicle borne crime since HSRPs is issued post due verification and validation of data.
  3. Introduction of Laser Identification Recognition system through HSRP implementation.
  4. Regulation of the issuance of HSRP so that illegal plates cannot be sold and distributed by miscreants.
  5. Assistance to law enforcing authorities in tackling road related crimes
  6. Digitization of data